Shot Time LiquorZ~n~BeerZ
Medics Lane & Hwy 170, Terlingua, Texas
(432) 371-3155
Call Ahead ~ Drive Thru
"Double Rainbows in the Chisos"
"Livin' La Vida Loca"
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Tobacco products are available once again.  One stop shopping for booze, beer, & buglers. New summer beers are in stock as well.

"Feel Slicker... Drink Liquor!"
New items: Lemonade and Raspberry Pucker vodka. Very refreshing in some tonic water or a nice cold glass of iced tea.  Like Captain Morgan?  Then, you'll love Captain Morgan Black; the other great summer drink.

Mon - Sat 10:00 to 9:00
Closed Sunday

Walk In or Drive Thru is always available.
Tonia Sweeney bought everything lock, stock and barrel in June.  She presently has the 4 bay shop behind the store for lease – whole or in parts (each bay can be rented separately; one has a built-in lube job pit).  Just think, now you can open up that hair salon, artist’s studio, mechanics shop, or pet nail trimming business!  The sky’s the limit. Whatever!

Inside the store, however, is a full selection of liquors, including “ready to drink” items, and “Zippers” or jello-shots.  Wines from Portugal, Spain and Argentina.

The coldest beer in town; this week featuring Tsing Tao (from China you knuckleheads!) but also Bass, Stella Artois, all flavors of Sierra Nevada, and Flying Dog beers.  Also Cheladas – BudLite with Clamato, even cheerleader beer! And, of course, all the mixers and sodas of which you could ever conceive.

Then, there’s all the snacks, candy, beer salts, dog treats, frappuccinos, cold Sweet Leaf Ice Tea, and energy drinks.

Also, besides the standard tobacco faire, new products are coming in daily: Top, Swisher Sweets, flavored cigarillos, with more to come!  And wouldn’t you know it, Gifts!!! jewelry, thermometers, wind chimes.  Also, this is another Fax/Printer location.

This Reporter’s Pick:  $1.75 bags o’ ice.